Basilica Meeting Room is the perfect option to organize your smaller-scale events at a central and easily reachable location with a remarkable historical atmosphere. The room’s seating can be organized in different ways to provide space for various groups; 12 people in classroom-style seating, 15 people in U-style seating, 14 people in long table seating, 20 people in banquet and cocktail style organizations, and 30 people in theatre-style seating. Besides that, Basilica Meeting Room and Topkapı Meeting Room can be merged together in order to create a bigger space for larger-scale events for 45 people in U-style seating, 50 people in long table seating, 55 people in classroom-style seating, 60 people in banquet seating, 80 people in theatre-style seating, and 90 people in a cocktail-style arrangement. Basilica Meeting Room is equipped with all facilities that you may need in your events such as a sound system, CD player, flipchart, projector, laser pointer, inline/outline telephone, microphone systems, Internet TV, whiteboard, and free wifi for all your guests during the event. You can also benefit from the catering service option provided with the meeting room.

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